About Me

Welcome to Flower Crown Magic
I thought I’d tell you a little bit about me,  Jules P,  lover of all things vintage, floral and romantic. 

I started making flower crowns in 2015, in preparation for my own wedding and taking inspiration from vintage styles. My love of making floral crowns grew and I soon began to exhibit them at local festivals and events. 

At festivals when people see somebody wearing a flower crown, dancing and enjoying themselves they want one so that they too can experience the magic. We see our flower crowns all over the festival field, worn by young and old, male and female. We call this ‘sprinkling the Flower Crown Magic”

It was while trading at music festivals that I discovered the true magic of a flower crown. Seeing people smile when they look in the mirror trying on a crown and then grow in confidence when they wear one is truly magical.

With these things in mind what else could I call my business but ‘Flower Crown Magic’?